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All the women in this world love to become a mother. Similarly, men also desire to become the father of the baby who will be extremely loved by the parents. Without dispute, babies are one of the most prestigious and lovable boons from God. To become parents, both the life-partners must be sexually fit and have the ability to reproduce. However, at times on the account of some heredity obstacles, biological shackles, and induced factors tend to deprive women of bearing a baby that is a highly painful and hard juncture for them. The characteristic of not being able to be pregnant is called infertility. In the view of this feminist debility, scientists have devised some methods for the medication of infertility so that women become able to bear a baby. One of those techniques is egg donation and we have dedicated this article to a comprehensive description of this process. So let us start without any ado!


What is egg donation?

It is a fertility process in which a fertile and genetically sound woman donates her egg to another woman who is not capable of bearing a baby or becoming a surrogate mother.

This process enables the infertile woman to conceive and thus they succeed to have a baby after this operation.

Typically, this fertility operation involves the removal of eggs from a healthy and women (donor) and it is fertilized in the laboratory. After being fertilized in the laboratory, the processed healthy embryos are injected or transferred in the recipient’s uterus. Mostly specialists carry out this operation by in-vitro fertilization.

In-vitro fertilization — it is an effective process for carrying out egg donation and, it involves taking out the egg from the donor, making it produces several eggs in a single cycle. These additional healthy eggs are removed from the ovaries; and, thereafter male sperm is injected into the egg. This process is called in-vitro fertilization.


Requirements, eligibility, and details:

1 — Why use egg donation?

Usually, the women who are avid to become mothers after the age of 37 take-ups to egg donation process as their egg quality starts declining after 37 and consequentially it is hard for them to become a mother.

Those women who have a flawless or intact uterus, but are devoid of ovaries take to this process for fertilization. These women are infertile so cannot undergo natural pregnancy. Therefore, to achieve induced pregnancy this sort of fertilization is used.

Such parents who have same sex attraction (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) and do not have much attraction for opposite sex go through this process. Furthermore, single parents also go through this process

Those women, who have a poor quality of eggs, undergo this process.

Genetic debility may also be a cause that necessitates women to go through the egg donation process.

2 — Egg donation requirements

The egg donor must meet some specific standards to be able to donate an egg to the needy woman in question. Egg donors are made to undergo processes like these: medical and psychological screening. These screening processes are meant to determine the healthy ovarian reserves so that it might be ascertained if the candidate could be a safe donor or not. Egg donors are usually young women that meet the afore-mentioned attributes, of 21-30 years. Moreover, egg donors must be free of all these diseases: HIV and hepatitis C. They should also not be vulnerable to genetic diseases such as the carrying of a cystic fibrosis gene.

3 — Process

The 1st step of this process is the detailed medical examination of both the sides in order to eliminate the risks and carry out a perfect procedure. For this purpose medical screening is performed. It typically consists of physical exam, pelvic exam, ultrasound, and blood tests to check for hormone levels. Sometimes psychological screening is also done.

Following this detailed medication, to induce ovulation in eggs, hormone injections are given to egg donor. Owing to the use of hormones, women release multiple eggs at once. After the eggs being mature, and ready for being taken out; the doctor moves to the next step.

The 2nd step is in vitro fertilization that encompasses the retrieval of an egg. In this process, the egg donor is subject to sedation as so to not make her bear the pain. After the egg retrieval, the lab fertilizes several eggs using the recipient’s partner’s sperm or selected donor sperm.

The 3rd and final step is the transference of embryo in the recipient’s uterus to assist fertilization and enable the woman to bear the baby. If the transference of the embryo is successful, this fertilized egg will be implanted in the uterine lining and evolve into a baby.

4 — After Egg donation:

Women can resume their daily routine chores, yet avoiding extremely intensive and vigorous tasks because of the enlargement of ovaries. Engaging yourself in light activities will not only eliminate discomfort but is also good for baby health.

Some typical side effects you may face are:

  • Breast tenderness due to high estrogen levels
  • Mild bloating
  • Mild cramping
  • Constipation
  • A small amount of clear or bloody fluid will be injected after the procedure on the account of the swabbing of the cervix.

5 — Risks and Side effects:

Process of egg donation may involve some risks and dangers that are the following ones:

Usually, the risks and pitfalls of egg donation are low enough to be disregarded.

  • Some women may face problems while being injected anesthetic and sedative drugs.
  • Several women may suffer bleeding when the doctor passes or injects a needle into their ovary.
  • Rarely, blood vessels, bowels, and bladder may sustain some small damage.
  • Some women may also suffer from infection after the removal of the eggs.
  • At times, women may also suffer OHSS (ovarian hyper-stimulated syndrome) due to getting injected with the drugs promoting ovulation.
  • Some cases might also involve such distempers: difficult breathing, rapid weight gain, stomach pain, vomiting.

6 — Risks and Side effects:

The cost of egg donation may vary from women to women, age, fertility quality, and region.

In Ukraine, the cost of egg donation may vary from 1600 Euros to 4600 Euros. Services will surely be top-notch. In case if the party is interested, they can approach renowned surrogacy agency named ‘’ World Center of Baby’’.

In case, if a woman opts to use frozen eggs from a donor bank. It typically costs from 16000$ to 20000$ which is comparably lower than the operating cost in Europe. More importantly, donors always cost for the effort and time they afford rather than the outcome of this process.

Compensation to the donor depends upon the donation program and region. The Ethics committee of many countries has lent countenance to paying the egg donor and expressed it be ethical and legitimate.

7 — Success Chances of egg donation

The success prospects of egg donation dictated by several factors such as these ones: age of egg donor, retrieval process, quality of sperm, and the recipient’s overall health. An authentic and renowned organization center for disease control has amassed some facts relative to the success rate of the operation in question and revealed that there are 55% chances of the egg recipient to conceive a baby after this process.

If the donor is healthy and young, the prospects of the defective women to become pregnant are quite high.

These are the details relative to egg-donation and In-vitro fertilization, have cleared all the misconceptions and superstitions. So, we should employ this process to make our women conceive a baby. Always opt for a healthy and young donor as this will surely enhance the odds of pregnancy. Moreover, always go for a skilled and specialist doctor for this process because maladroit handling and in-expert operation may also trigger serious problems for both the parties. Therefore, never care for the money to be spent but the quality of operation.


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